Digital resources are creating tantalizing options for roofing companies to develop and scale. Having said that, a few tools are specifically effective if you’re expanding a business on a minimal budget. Among the tools is Facebook Ads, that can be an incredibly powerful tool to increase your audience, discover new clients and raise your bottom line.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook Ads for Roofers

Facebook Ads - How to Grow Your Roofing Company with Facebook Ads

Before engaging in the how, however, we should understand that Facebook Ads have benefits and drawbacks.

Among the best advantages of Facebook Ads is the enormous ROI. You could invest some dollars and begin to obtain a good return – no matter what your target. Facebook Ads also are scaleable. They’ve got a large viewers and are shown in front of an incredibly active social network. Lastly, Facebook provides fantastic branding options. You can use anything from generating a sleek video to giving a stunning photo along with a compelling caption.

When it comes to downsides, Facebook Ads aren’t intent-based ads. Put simply, Facebook doesn’t show ads in response to user-inputted keywords. Rather, it shows ads to those higher on your advertising funnel. One more notable disadvantage is that you can waste a lot of cash using Facebook Ads. There’s a high probability of this happening when you don’t know very well what you’re doing. Lastly, Facebook users generally have short attention spans. It’s really a distracting environment, and that means you have to be creative with the kinds of ads that you’re displaying.

How Facebook Ads Assist with Growth

How Facebook Ads Assist with Growth - How to Grow Your Roofing Company with Facebook Ads

In the grand system of things, the advantages of Facebook Ads are difficult to question. However how can you utilize them to obtain the growth which you expect?

First of all, you have to think long and hard regarding targeting. Facebook Ads could be be very powerful due to the big potential audience, however fails to target the correct subset can cause disappointing outcomes. In case you own a roofing company ensure you’re targeting local communities in which you recently finished work or are likely to finish work. You may also get as detailed as a one-mile radius surrounding a particular address, so certainly make the most of that. By metaphorically fishing in the right pond, you considerably raise your odds of success.

After that, leverage the “X Factor” using Facebook Ads. Exactly what does this imply? You need to invest a lot of time in your ad creative. Take on the shoes of your target and look at the message which you need to send. When utilizing pictures, a good rule of thumb is to ensure that they contain people and human emotion. Videos could be more efficient compared to photo ads – whenever done correctly. Selfie-style videos do the job the best or videos where you stand directly speaking to the camera. Take into account the goal of your video ad and ensure that the copy and visuals fulfill that target.

For text-based ads, ensure you’re not copying and pasting content from your site. Rather, go back to your objective and ensure your copy is meeting it. For instance, when you’re trying to find leads, be sure your headline is punchy and visible. Add a call-to-action and be sure that the offer is powerful. Client testimonials could also be effective, since they offer social proof and show that some other clients have been pleased with your business.

Lastly, invest some time optimizing your conversions. Make the most of Facebook’s embedded forms, instead of leading visitors to your site. Be sure to pre-qualify your leads by requesting particular details about the help they’re looking for. Additionally, don’t be worried of the math. It’s crucial to have a set budget, see how much you’re spending per lead, and modify your strategy as needed. That way, you’ll make the most value for your money.